Music Scientifically Optimized to

Boost Concentration and Focus.

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Music Scientifically Optimized to

Boost Concentration and Focus.

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Music That’s Personal

Customize intensity of timed sessions to match your cognitive type and mood.

Track Your Focus

For the past week with our automated productivity tracker.

Use Our Productivity Tracker to record your productivity and customize your sound sessions. Find out what types of music and energy level settings keep you most focused and productive so you can personalize for your cognitive type and biorhythms.

What Users Are Saying

I get way more done with focused blocks of uninterrupted time.

Dr. Pete Meyers, Cognitive Psychologist & Data Scientist

Other music services can be really distracting. This is exactly what I was looking for. 

Daniel Coleman, NASA Editor

Ben Nowell @NowellBen
My secret weapon to concentrate at work! Perfectly paced music from Focus@Will. Thx to @Berci for sharing

Anika Morjaria @literallyAnika
Trouble focusing today? You wanna check this out.  Love it. (Video review here)

Moski Doski @Moski_Doski
I thought Focus@Will would just be duplicating something I could get out of Spotify, but I actually REALLY REALLY like it a lot.

Faye Kirwin @writerology
It’s basically a music player with tracks specially designed to improve concentration. A lifesaver during uni(versity)!

How Does Focus@Will Work?

Why We’re Different From Other Music Services

Music you like is created to engage you. It makes you feel good, moves you physically, emotionally and intellectually. That’s why you love to listen to it, and that’s also why it is going to distract you when you are trying to focus and concentrate on work or studying. Singing and foot tapping take you right out of the focus zone.

More About the Science

Focus@Will has a unique library of instrumental music that you won’t find anywhere else. Every track has been remixed, re-edited and scientifically remastered specifically for focus enhancement. We’re soothing your fight or flight mechanism, engaging your brain’s limbic system, to increase your attention span and general concentration.

How We Improve Concentration With Scientifically Designed Music

Focus@will was developed in partnership with leading neuroscientists Dr. Evian Gordon (, Dr. Stephen Sideroff (UCLA Professor of Psychology) and ADHD expert and best-selling author Dr Ned Hallowell ( Trials show typical 11-12% positive increase in focus biomarker and up to 400% extended session time.

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