Don’t Take Our Word For It…

“I’m a web developer, and I find that Uptempo and Alpha Chill help me settle in and code for hours. I hope with listener support you’ll keep adding music to those channels, and keep exploring new channels too. Indie Folk (instrumental) would be an awesome future selection.”
“I had a really productive day this first day that the kids went back to school and focus@will was part of that. I made good progress setting the timer to the time I thought a task could take and trying to finish it before the music stopped. Plus, listening to some soft tunes in the background is making life in my home office a little nicer.”
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“Rockin’ product!”
“working, listening to my normal music collection, couldn’t focus”
“Variety of music genres and sub-genres to assist with focus.”
“The desire to maintain a productive focus at work!”
“After 3 trials and trying many other solutions. It simply comes down to the uninterrupted flow of focused music in Alpha Chill. Just plain awesome.”
“This service helps point me to rest as awareness”
“Experiencing the free trial and using the email tips to improve the experience. Quite simply, I got more work done when I used it.”
“The need to achieve something”
“Your music really helps me to focus.”
“I tried other options such as Spotify and using timers to music. Nothing I found gave me the same experience. Plus, choosing music on Spotify was totally distracting and a huge time sucker.”
“I really need this to help me focus while starting a new business and taking online courses.”
“I need to listen to Focus@Will right now to work on Computer stuff that I don’t particularly enjoy! An then I’ll have it for Monday morning. I even cook with it. It feels as if it helps reduce my stress levels all day. I really love it and don’t want to live without it. I have tried the 60 beat per minute channels for Concentration and Study on YouTube, but I find this is much better for concentrating, focus and calmness. I am telling everyone about it….my son has ADHD so I will try to get him on it at least when he’s doing paperwork. Thank you so much for this great programme…we all need it.”
“I’m enjoying the music and it’s hassle-free – I just put it on and forget about it.”
“It helps immediately put me into state.”
Help Me Get Stuff Done!
“Great customer service when I had a few issues with my subscription and method of charging. Great concept, read about it in Exponential Organisations. Cheers Richard”
“It works.”
“Will to focus :)”
“It works”
“you are now available on sonos”
“The music selection is excellent to focus me while I write, and to accompany me as I muse. Thanks!”
“I can’t get over how much of an improvement my focus has gained with this program. Working as an adjunct professor and marketing professional, I’m constantly reading, writing, or doing some other activity. I feel that I’m actually finding more free time, because I’m finishing projects with a higher level of efficiency. I can’t tell enough people about this service.”
“Sonos integration”
“Having used focus@will successfully for a year.”
“I need to focus during a very difficult period of my life”
“Timing, Scarcity. Fear of loss… And u have an awesome product.”
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“I like the service – it’s great to have a dedicated app for focus-friendly work that can help me drown out distractions.”
“I need to have background noise to study and work.”
“a deadline”
“When I listen I am so productive – thanks for a cool service! Katherine”
“I am a classical musician and listening to music in the background to help focus has always been terrible. If it’s classical I like the music to much so I stop working and listen, if it’s other things I’ve generally been distracted by it. I’m hoping this will work on musicians who often can help but focus on the music!”
“I like to listen to it while I’m working.”
“effectiveness of app”
“Found that program really helps me focus”
“I like your product!”
“Definitely getting more things done when listening to the music !”
“Im not focused”
“I expect that innovation into this area will continue with your service, especially in the area of brain research and improving performance. I am a teacher and want to play music that increases the students concentration and performance.”
No More Distractions!
“Love the service!”
“Decided to invest in my productivity. Part of my plan to buy a home.”
“want to concentrate finally!!!”
“I like the music and it work.”
“I need to write a term paper.”
“A good price. I wanted to join before but I felt paying as much for Focus as I pay for Spotify (student rate) was too much for relaxation / background music. I realise this is highly subjective, but that was my own feeling.”
“I’m raving about this to all of my friends and clients and I’m about to send them links. Love this app :)!”
“Focus@Will helps me get in the zone when I’m doing pomodoros, and keeps me focused.”
“Your special offer and that I’ve had a VERY productive day thanks to focus@will :-)”
“Love what you offer, the concept, the intelligent designing you all have put into the music, and the tool for enhancing focus during work”
“That I was able to finish the work I wanted to finish!”
“improved productivity”
“The reaction of my 8 year old son (with ADHD) to doing homework with your music in the background. Thank you”
“I feel like focus@will is now an essential part of my creative practice. I’m a full-time artist and having this music available has enabled a radical shift in my ability to focus for longer periods of time. I also use it for meditation. Thank you!”
“The trial showed that it helped. Being able to set the timer helps me get started — which is a tremendous challenge sometimes — and then being able to re-set it for a longer term helps me keep going. Thank you.”
“helps me focus”
“I need to be focused for the next 7 hours, this is the easiest way”
“It helps me focus. And the good deal.”
Get Me Focused, It’s Free!
“Recommendation from a mentor.”
“I have been listening daily and really love it. Recommending it to my friends. Gave a gift of it to my sister. So I deserve this for me.”
“I liked that it doesnt have words and that its backed by science. Also that multiple devices can play it. Up to 5.”
“I am easily distracted and need to focus when I write for my business. I have had several really good sessions with Focus@Will during the trial period and will gladly pay for that extra help to up my productivity.”
“Increase my focus”
“Love the timer feature”
“my need for focus”
“I am finding that having the Focus@Will playing is increasing my focus while working. Not trying to multitask as much!”
“It really works!”
“Overall, it works for me.”
“I focus@will and want to continue to use it every day!”
“Need to focus at work”
“It Works!!”
“I love you guys and want to support the great work you’re doing, plus the music is awesome! “
“I believe that this service can help me progress toward meeting my goals.”
“Was trying other services and this was the best, non-repetitive service.”
“I’ve really enjoyed the free trial period!”
“having trouble focusing”
“I need to focus more at work.”
“relaxating music”
“I love having the various choices of music for the mood I need to get in to be productive – to focus, to relax or become calm, or to get pumped up! My all time favorite is Focus Spa on the highest Setting. 2nd place is Waters – highest setting. Thank you!”
“it really helps me concentrate on my study and find i can stay focused for longer and even help me get focused when I’m un-motivated to study”
“The useful options of tracks, it’s awesome!”
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“I cannot believe the difference in my concentration and productivity when listening to focus@will. I had to have it!”
“Needing an aid for concentrating as I am falling behind”
“I loved the feeling of being able to concentrate on what I was doing without being distracted.”
“The quality of the classical music program!”
“I’ve wandered to the site several times and really enjoy the email articles I receive from time to time. Just learned that I should be able to listen to Focus@Will through my Sonos system which would be great because that is what I use all day at work. This could be totally awesome!”
“The variety of options in music choices. The music helps me focus.”
“it works”
“It enhances my productivity & takes away the chore of trying to figure out which music i should choose to accompany my writing sessions”
“I work from home and I love the background motivating music to keep going.”
“I like the timer function.”
“Ted talk”
“I’m finally using a timer!”
“Work is exhausting and this makes it a bit better.”
“Drinking too much coffee.”
“i’ve used it before and it’s great!”
“Need to get some work done. Heard about new Sonos integration.”
“Extra office noise at work – the past 2 weeks focus@will has made a massive difference in my concentration and reducing the open office general noise I work in (which as an introvert I detest lol) Thankyou!”
“Focus when working”
“To much noise at my office!!”
“I love focus at will!!!”
“I need to focus more :-)”
“I need to focus!!! :)”
“The fact that I’ve missed using the app over the last couple of days. It really has boosted my productivity, and creativity – not only did I rip through building a new company website in a day and a half, but I found it much more easy to write business proposals (and I was a lot more focused and creative in so doing) By the way, I came to this app through a referral from my husband, who’s been using and loving it since June (but only told me about it 20 days ago!). He deserves a referral bonus or pointing me in this direction!”
“I enjoy the fact that focus@will can get me on a level that is hard to achieve without the music”
“I’ve found having the music playing while I am working helps me focus much better!”
“Besides being recently diagnosed with adult ADHD, the study, especially looking forward to the results of the next one. Just hope your experimental design is/was good!”
“the music mix and variety was consistently good. i was able to do work this weekend when it’s normally been hard to focus.”
“Love the product”
“Focus is a big issue for me. Loved the testimonials.”
“Focus@Will helps keep me on task on long study days.”
“To help me study”
“Tired of being my own DJ – thought I’d try something new (with science behind it) to light my creative fire!”
“I believe your service can really contribute positively to my productivity.”
“It just works!”
It’s Focus Time!
“Headache and my inability to focus.”
“I spent this past week reviewing and red-lining a complex contract and enjoyed the experience provided focus@will. I can’t say how much can be contributed to your product but I did work non-stop at my desk for over an hour and 20 minutes. Looking forward!”
“Above all, the science behind it. It really works. “
“Because It actually works”
“LOVE the music for my kids, especially evening homework time when the last thing they want to do is focus on more school work!”
“Thanks to focus@will my productivity has INCREASED by at least double! I tend to have ADHD and my mind has problem getting things done. I also work from home so there are vast amount of things pulling at my attention. With focus@will I can literally FOCUS. I get things done. I feel accomplished and my to-do list proves this. I don’t know how it works, but it just does!”
“Actually got some work done. ADHD is more under control now.”
“Going back to school and noises at home are too distracting.”
“I have a job that requires long stretches of creative productivity (doing writing and photography), and I found that Focus@Will motivates me to stay focused while also reminding me to take breaks when I need them.”
“can’t risk more unproductive time.”
“Because i love you!”
“need to get work done over the next few months”
“did free trial and liked it…”
“I’ve been using it for the last 2 weeks via the free trial and it seriously has helped me focus and get more done. I work in a loud office environment so being able to drown the noise out and hunker down has done wonders for me!”
“The music really improved my focus at work.”
“Getting distracted while LOTS of work needs to be done today”
“school and just a great website”
“After a bad night sleep being confronted with my noisy work office, while having loads of work. So I’m looking forward to getting focused with your great sounds!”
“The service really is wonderful. And I do believe it helps with concentration and I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was a teenager(I’m 39 now), opted out of medication a couple years after the diagnosis, completed 2 bachelor’s degrees, a MS in applied mathematics, and have had a successful career. Though admittedly I have changed my situation roughly every two years for the last”
“It really works for me. When listening to Spotify or Apple Music, the music becomes unhelpful after awhile – I’m distracted by it, or I feel washed out. With Focus@Will, I feel alert & effective while listening, and I feel fresh after each session. It makes a really big difference to me – thank you. p.s. Love, love, love the music – I really appreciate the musicianship in it, and the lack of cheesy music – I haven’t been able to find playlists like this on Spotify or Apple Music – thank you so much.”
“It works”
“The need to get things done without distraction”
“It just works!”
“I got so much shit done yesterday it was scary.”
That’s a Good One, Sign Me Up!
“My husband really loves this app and I wanted to do something special for him.”
“Desperate for focus!”
“Needed optimal focus at Work:)”
“I focused on a project today for 45 mins and had no distractions.”
“I need to review large document describing architecture of software solution for very important project and I need to concentrate. Previously your service helped me with that.”
“Alpha Chill”
“I’m focusing!”
“Started classes.”
“it helps me to focus a lot. I enjoy the diversity of tracks which fits my moods”
“Free trail convinced me!”
“Ability to be more productive when using your music.”
“It really helps me focus and it’s better quality music than what I could find elsewhere online, and a wider variety of options.”
“My daughter is having trouble focusing on her math homework, so I plan to play it for her to assist in concentration.”
“The music!”
“I need to focus on programming”
“Needed to get my productivity back!”
“variety of music and better focus”
“I have a lot of work to do today, and I realized that the music is helping me be more productive.”
“It works”
“I can’t concentrate without it.”
“Frustration from non-productive.”
“I love the music”
“I felt that Focus@Will was in some way helping me focus at work/school and also helps have a structure to my schedule, help maintain and respect it with the timer.”
“Good app”
“I noticed through the free trial that this method really does work as advertised, and is much more pleasant than alpha-wave noise generators. Also, the ability to access the app on smart phones is a big plus.”
Focus Time, This Way!
“Realizing that I was cranking through work sessions without thinking to my self keep cranking through this work session!”
“Good quality product. Hope to listen to classic opera soon”
“Need to improve my focus given stress in my life and good effects with the trial.”
“Time crunch; I really need to get zoned in.”
“A job i need to focus on!”
“good tracks, and it seems effective”
“I love your service”
“The music is helping me focus.”
“a big pile of work”
“I have experienced wonderful results in using this program and I want to continue reaping the benefits. I will also purchase it for work!”
“It helps me focus better”
“Your tool is super cool and helps me to focus!”
“A product that works”
“It definitely helps me focus, and I can use it for school.”
“Listening to the ambient channel and realising I’d had a really productive day ;-)”
“Focus@Will works for me. :)”
“I can find good music on YouTube as well but I really don’t like having to stop focusing on work to change music or to be interrupted by commercials.”
“The trial has been helping my focus.”
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“Realized that the classical music I’ve been using is not as effective as the Focus at Will versions! I was skeptical but it really does make a difference and I can use all the focus help that I can get :)”
“Great tunes and really works”
“It makes me more productive, it is hard to put a price tag on that.”
“I like the way I can set and commit time to focus to completed tasks while listening to music that is not blasting at me.”
“I couldn’t focus all afternoon. It’s time to take the matter into my own hands!”
“It really helps block out the excess noise when I’m trying to read during lunch or when I’m at a coffee shop.”
“Love the music, love how it enables me to read.”
“I was missing the focus it gave me”
“I finished two HUGE assignments this week and the Cinematic, Alpha Chill and Up Tempo helped me stay on track! I don’t think I would’ve accomplished this much if I didn’t have this music keeping me awake and focused.”
“I need to focus!”
“Desire to server my customers to my absolute best”
“The Students in my classroom keep begging me to play your music. The Nag Factor is REAL!! – nice work, guys!”
“I’m at the start of a long written project and need to immerse myself.”
“The music actually helps me to focus better and I got to see that first hand during the trial period.”
“Ted Talk from the Founder”
“after long travelling I am back in the office and I missed focus@will”
“I need a way to focus snd loved this app”
“I’ve been using the free trial and loved it”
“Been meaning to since trial expired and I’m starting up another semester of school.”
“Realised how much I missed it!”
“It appears to help me focus & the Pomodoro-like timer is another big help! I didn’t use it often during the trial, however. Plan to use it daily now to see if it really helps long term.”
“This program really helped me to concentrate and to be more productive.”
“I missed having access to the app. I’m writing a play right now, pages due this Saturday, and I wanted the company of music.”
“I’m really liking the results.”
“Your music helps me get more done.”
“It works ;)”
“During my trial period I had this one really good study session. I experienced that wonderful state of flow that has eluded me for months.”
“The fact that I’ve noticed over just the short period of time I’ve been using Focus@will on the trial that it has helped my concentration. I’m a futures trader and intense focus and concentration is needed to do what I do and stay in the zone….Focus@will is the first application I’ve found to help me do that consistently. Easy decision to subscribe…..”
“Critical need to focus”
“I think it actually works.”
“Having trouble finding appropriate music on YoutUbe”
“beautiful music to focus the mind.”
“Because I have a very intense project to work on!”
“Will Henshall is my hero :-)”
“Hope to be more productive.”
“Focus@Will has had an enormous impact on my productivity in a really short amount of time. I’m a location independent professional, and since I often work out of a home office or coworking space, this is invaluable to me. Thanks!”
“the trial period convinced me!”
“Ted talk”
“Big dreams. Need (focus@)will to construct good study habit.”
“I liked the music I was listening to at the moment I subscribed. It was also doing a great job of drowning out the noise around me.”
“really like the idea – and it seemed to work for me as a deadline loomed at 3.30am!”
“My ADD.”
Free Focus Time!
“The Ted talk you did. Loved it.”
“Positive reviews”
“After using the trial period and noticing a dramatic improvement in my focus I tried but couldn’t go back to working while listening to my Spotify playlists…”
“It’s the fact that I’ve noticed a real increase in my productivity and a real improvement in my focus.”
“The music helps me stay focused while I write my curriculum”
“I tried the trial and was impressed with the benefits.”
“Seems like a great product, and I love anything that helps me focus better that doesnt involve pharmaceutical drugs”
“improved productivity”
“I need to focus”
“Book on focus Work Simply”
“The trial. It works.”
“Uninterrupted uptempo music that has been cultivated to promote energy and focus.”
“I have noticed increased ability to focus when listening to Focus @ Will. I desperately need to regain that ability!”
“I’m an Art teacher. Music helps the students focus.”
“Sonos hookup. ;-)”
“effective product”
“enjoy the variety of choices you have”
“I really needed to focus to finish a project today and remembered how well this worked.”
“Love working to music!”
“love the service!”
“I cannot work without this!”
“I am struggling with lack of focus and cannot get anything done. I thought I would resort to focus at will to help me with the concentration.”
“I have been using the free trial for more than a week and I have seen a serious improvement in my productivity.”
“I get so so soooo easily distracted when trying to work. I did the 15 day trial and loved it. Thank you so much!!”
“Focus@will takes away the drudgery of mundane programming tasks.”
“The music – it works”
“Good focus music without having to switch genres/channels like Spotify. I really like the new beta wave stuff.”
“My experience with the service.”
“I started to work and realized that I needed the music to focus.”
“To focus better on 3d animation”
“I started a new job with a lot more focused work.”
“I love the options of music.”
“It works!! I typically cannot focus very well, especially when the task at hand is not clear. I can be very unsettled and looking for something else.I have tried various music services just to have background music. My job does not enable me to listen to music with words because I write a lot, so I was listening to classical or instrumental music in those other services. They did not work. This service settles my mind and enables me be calm and focused. I am not a neuroscientist, so I do not understand why this is different than the other music I listen too. I just know it works unbelievable well.”
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“I have been trying for a few months to really get in tune when working, and I’ve had this music with me for just over a week now. Today there was a small office party for birthdays, and my boss needed us to present and go be social, and I was disappointed because I was completely in the zone and wanting to work more because I liked the feeling of being focused. I am in love with this product already and think I’ll finally venture into some of the other great channels when I’ve enjoyed all the pleasures of just alpha chill.”
“Improved Focus”
“I like being focused”
“The software actually helps me focus at my desk. I work as a technical writer in a busy, noisy office; anything that can get me to actually concentrate on my work is a major plus.”
“Recommendation from a friend.”
“Can’t focus at work”
“The music truly helps me focus – so much so I sometimes feel my pulse rate increase to get something done! It may even be the idea or anticipation that I will be focused once I listen and it happens anyway – but who cares how we get there – it works. Thanks!”
“I have a project that I’d like to focus on.”
“i felt that the service was truly providing what its been advertising and so i decided to keep it”
“I’m more productive this way. I need to be productive tomorrow. :)”
“I saw a noticeable difference in my ability to focus on the days that I used Focus@Will vs. the days I didn’t. I felt better about the work I’d done on those days and want to share that with my family. Now that school has started, I plan to put this on for my kids while they do their homework. One has Autism and the other has ADD. It will be interesting to see how it affects them.”
“I’ve enjoyed this subscription so far and I will definitely use at work, at home, and for my kids”
“desperate to catch up with backlog of paperwork”
“I MISSED IT! This really works.”
“I need to concentrate”
Get Me Focused, It’s Free!
“I am desperate for help in focusing on what I need to get done.”
“Focus@Will is awesome!!!”
“I find myself being more effective while listening:)”
“I need to concentrate.”
“Focus@Will really seems to work and an offer always helps to focus your mind on the money…”
“This product was exactly what I had been looking to find for years! I had attempted curating my own playlists, downloading my own music and looking up the best study music…but this hands-down is the best piece of software I own! focus@will is an integral part of my small business staff!”
“I checked out all the different types of music that the app contains and found some of them very useful for when I am trying to study.”
“I have really been enjoying (and benefitting from!) your service.”
“I simply havent found concentration music this good anywhere else”
“Desire for increased focus”
“how it helps me focus for studying”
“Doctoral awards application”
“We are a homeschool family, and this app has helped tremendously for the children for when they need to concentrate or have a moment to themselves.”
“I’m using Focus@Will with Elementary art students at my school and it seems to help keep them on task during open work time.”
“Love the app. I live with adult ADD. I am currently in school and also have an extremely demanding job. The music helps quiet all the noise in my head and allows me to focus at my job and during my studies. Complete life saver!!”
“It has really been working so I wanted to continue after my Free Trial”
“I am a writer and use this product to help focus my attention. I’ve enjoyed focus@will for over a year and wanted to continue.”
“Good price!”
“have to get a million projects done in a very short amount of time.”
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“deadline and almost out of free trial..”
“schoolwork procrastination”
“no ads”
“it really helps me focus”
“This works. I’ve used it for over a year and everytime I need to get stuff done, this allows me the focus I need to complete any task.”
“It helps me focus”
“need to focus again + sonos integration”
“1 day left of free trial.”
“I Just Cannot Or Don’t Want to Miss Focus@Will”
“I do like how the music helps me keep focus. It seems to have worked for my free trial so I’ll continue for a month to see if I really like it and if I do I’ll probably get the year subscription to save money.”
“I really love the product. It helps me plan my day and focus!!!”
“A great product!”
“I’ve found that I’m able to focus better using the content that’s being offered.”
“I just keep coming back to focus@will. Helps me get in the zone, even in a noisy open office!”
“Your program actually works and I am noticed a PROFOUND DIFFERENCE in my concentration !!!!”
“Adhd: I have the smarts and I need a way to harness them!”
“Focus is working!”
“It helps my students to focus when they are reading or doing academic work. They like the ability to select different types of music.”
Free Focus Time!
“I like this program for my personal and professional use.”
“1 year subscription for focus @ will”
“My free trial expired and I did notice a difference in my productivity during these period.”
“Needed the music to help me concentrate on current project”
“it works. period.”
“Recommendation from a friend”
“It definitely helps me!!”
“focus@will really works for me. Thanks!”
“Ability to combine non-distracting music/sounds with a pomodoro-style timer”
“Had been using it awhile, then lapsed. Sonos integration made me resubscribe”
“How much I’ve missed using it! It really ups my productivity rate!”
“Belief that this will improve my concentration and productivity”
“It really seems to work!”
“I missed you guys! I need you for my thesis”
“I enjoyed the free trail.”
“It works”
“This is an investment for my future self.”
“I found that I missed the features from the free trial when doing certain types of work. As a writer, I usually prefer to work in silence, but when researching and working o graphics, I missed the service.”
“Love the music and the timing thing!”
“Happy to support a nicely curated stream of music perfect for work. The added concentration level is a great bonus.”
“helps with my productivity”
“I miss using it :)”
“it really helps me focus.”
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“The need to focus on a critical report.”
“I have a lot to do as a graduate student and I really needed the extra will power! Thank you so much for a great product.”
“You alliance with Sonos…that’s what was missing for me. Now I can fill my whole office/house with music AND stay focused on writing deadlines.”
“Your site works. I have not worked with such sustained focus in a long time.”
“I don’t have much money, but good music is always woth it.”
“I loved the free trial and it convinced me to subscribe. Thank you!”
“I have a number of assignments to finish for next week and can’t focus.”
“Have used the free trials and really enjoy the music. Haven’t found a better baroque playlist! Love the piano.”
“I need to work!”
“Easy to access music to help me focus.”
“Need to focus”
“Wanted to purchase this, I like the product and I want to see it growning so I decided to invest in it so that I encourage you to improve and add to it. Cheers”
“I’ve used Focus@Will for one year already and love it.”
“ability to focus”
“I didn’t want to interrupt my concentration level ! thank you”
“to be productive”
“I have been using the service consistently over the past several months. I do also sometimes listen to other music but it has become a staple of my workflow. thank you!!”
“The tension in my shoulders goes away – I never thought music could do that”
“Doesn’t allow me to find the perfect music for the task I’m doing…. that can sometime derail me all day. LOL”
“Big plans and need for concentration”
“I used the 15 day free trial. I have ADHD and I am trying to study for a test for work. I have been searching for music to keep my brain focused while I try and read. Your product seems too help with that.”
“Business Insider article from April 2014 had a link to Chillout Music for Study – Work – Focus – Concentration – 1 hour and I’ve used it almost every day since.”
“The two week trial has been very helpful. I’m enjoying the app/site and as long as it continues helping me focus, I’ll keep using it.”
“It works!!! :)”
“I need to get my mind right while working! :)))”
“It works, and my free trial was ending.”
“the will to get more focus into my working periods while listening to music (what I love)”
“I did a free trial when y’all were in your basic stages and despite going through various med changes at the time for my ADD and severe anxiety issues this program consistently worked and kept me more focused (with less panic) than I could have ever imagined possible. Also y’all and this program did wonders for my confidence in myself regarding being able to handle anything life needed me to do regardless of my issues. Thank you so much!!”
“My job requires focus, and the music on this site plus the timer function keep me focused for a set amount of time. Then I can take a break knowing I actually worked. :)”
“The music helps me focus and relax.”
Get Stuff Done!
“Need to focus”
“After trying focus@will for a week I was able to focus more at work, and at night listening to the music I was able to fall asleep.”
“I have ADD and it really helps me focus”
“I tested the program and liked the music”
“Sonos information. And I really liked it when I trialed it before.”
“Good partner when studying”
“I am finally able to sit for hours reading a book.”
“I missed you”
“It works.”
“Love your service”
“the timer. I really need the timer. And I love the music.”
“A bit of a free time”
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“a crying baby next door!!”
“Ted talk”
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