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Imagine a workplace where everyone gets more done, day in and day out. Where nailing deadlines isn’t always a late-hours panic. Where people collaborate more comfortable because they have solid, creative work to share.

Introducing Focus@Will for Teams. Less cost, more impact

Focus@Will for Teams is available on a site license basis, which offers several advantages (click here for pricing details). It lowers the per-user cost on a sliding scale (so the ROI is even quicker), and it magnifies the scientifically-verified results. Most important it makes focused attention an exploitable team-wide resource to compete more powerfully. How many other so-called productivity boosters — gear trainings, motivational speakers, whatever — can make a comparable claim?

For companies who want to get things done

When several members of a workgroup get in the Focus@will habit, the payoff starts compounding. Not only does everyone enjoy fewer distractions, you begin to notice that others are heads-down for longer periods, that productivity doesn’t demand escape or isolation, and that accomplishment breeds pride and lowers tension within the team.

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Common questions

Below is a list of the most common questions we are asked. If you don't see your question, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

How does it work?
Focus@Will works by playing timed sequences of specially curated instrumental music that help your brain “zone out” external distractions. Research has shown that there is an optimal sequence of audio and musical attributes that help induce you into what’s called a “flow state”. Simply put, once you’ve started listening, the audio stream should “disappear” from your conscious attention and simply facilitate you getting on with what you are trying do with no distractions.
How is it scientifically tested?
We’ve worked with scientists and audio experts since the beginning of our company. Essentially we have tested our audio next to other types of music and measured the effects on the brain, heart-rate and tracked this alongside personal reporting to ensure our hypothesis can be validated. We are super proud of our latest research white paper, 'The Influence of Streamlined Music on Cognition and Mood' by our Science Director Dr Julia Mossbridge.
How long does it take to work?
The music and audio you hear on our service is intended to get you into a focused state within 20 minutes of listening, and keep you there for up to 200 minute focus sessions. The idea is that the audio will blend into the background and become un-noticeable after your brain habituates. Our music and audio will help mute any chatter or thoughts that usually pull us out of a focused state.
Can I track my focus progress?
Yes! Using our built in productivity tracker and timer will allow you to track how focused you were during a focus session. We recommend using both out timer and tracker for the best results and overall brain fitness.
Do I need to wear headphones when using Focus@Will?
No, headphones are not required for Focus@Will to be an effective focusing tool. We designed our audio to work well on standard laptop speakers, personal ear buds and over room filling speakers. We do recommend keeping the audio at a medium to low volume, and If you are working in a noisy environment, we certainly suggest using a set of noise canceling headphones if possible.
Can it help with ADHD?
As reported from countless Focus@Will Members, our service has served as a helpful tool for those with ADD/ADHD. We even have one specifically Channel dedicated to those with ADHD. It’s important to know that while our exclusive Channels vary quite a bit from each other, all of them are curated, mastered and tested to ensure they help people with a variety of needs to attain a greater state of focus.
Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, at anytime you may cancel your subscription right from your account settings. We also offer a full refund for within 30 days of any transaction.

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Brain Music for Teams. Exponential Concentration.28 Day Free No Risk Trial.