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Brain Music for Teams. Exponential Concentration.

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Imagine a workplace where everyone gets more done, day in and day out. Where nailing deadlines isn’t always a late-hours panic. Where people collaborate more comfortable because they have solid, creative work to share.

For companies who want to get things done

When several members of a workgroup get in the Focus@will habit, the payoff starts compounding. Not only does everyone enjoy fewer distractions, you begin to notice that others are heads-down for longer periods, that productivity doesn’t demand escape or isolation, and that accomplishment breeds pride and lowers tension within the team.

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Introducing Focus@Will for Teams. Less cost, more impact

Focus@Will for Teams is available on a site license basis, which offers several advantages (click here for pricing details). It lowers the per-user cost on a sliding scale (so the ROI is even quicker), and it magnifies the scientifically-verified results. Most important it makes focused attention an exploitable team-wide resource to compete more powerfully. How many other so-called productivity boosters — gear trainings, motivational speakers, whatever — can make a comparable claim?

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