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How We Improve Concentration with Scientifically Designed Music

Neuroscientists have discovered that by nature most people can only concentrate for a maximum of 20 minutes before needing to take a break. We can increase your focus by customizing and slightly changing the characteristics of music at the right time intervals.

Why us?

  • Exclusive music for focus - not entertainment
  • Based on 7 years of data, research, and science
  • Created by world class team of Scientists, Musicologists, and Producers
  • Dynamically changes according to your behavior
  • Designed to keep you focused for up to 100 minutes

How does it Work?

Neuroscientists have recently discovered that certain types of personalized music can help you focus, reduce distractions, and maintain productivity when working and studying. Focus@will’s exclusive instrumental music library keeps your mind from avoiding two undesirable states: distraction and habituation. Distraction can be the result of anything in day-to-day life, while habituation stems out of being bored with your surroundings or task at hand. Our music is crafted to balance your mind between distraction and habituation, keeping you focused on your work.

How do we know it works?

Focus@will’s studies reveal a 200-400% increase in focus time with our most active users. The average productivity in a one-hour focus@will session is 75% – which is far greater than most people who don’t use our service. We see also dips in usage over the weekends, so we know our subscribers are using Focus@will primarily during work hours—when they need to focus the most.

Attention Span Cycle

The Science Behind Focus and Concentration

When you listen to music, sound waves hit your eardrums and are transferred to your brainstem. The locus coeruleus, or decision-making parts of your brain, are impacted by the sound, and listening to the right kind of music can increase focus and productivity. Focus@will’s trick is to occupy your brain just enough to let you work without causing distractions.