How Focus@Will Is Different From Other Music Services(Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc.)

We’ve heard some questions about how Focus@Will is different from other music streaming services. To make sure we are addressing these questions with transparency, here’s a look into some of the ways Focus@Will is unique among the sea of streaming services.

We have dedicated our efforts into studying the complex workings of the brain and auditory stimulus. We found the experts and have tested our theories and algorithms time and again to ensure our service provides a uniquely helpful tool for people with a variety of focusing needs.

  1. While there are other music services online that have focus playlists, none have the world class team of Scientists, Musicologists, and Producers, who design each focus channel based on 7 years of data, research, and science to optimize each track for focus - not entertainment. Other services only provide a simple static playlist, that doesn’t customize, and aren't backed by science and data. Our channels are designed in micro-detail for focus, monitored by data, and dynamically change to fit your needs.
  2. Our system tracks your usage and actually adjusts to work better for your brain type as you listen. Each track you hear is intelligently selected from a sequence that is based on how long you have been listening. Our system logs your account behavior to learn how to work best for you.
  3. The first 20 minutes of a focus session are designed to get you into a focused flow state. Then each track is intelligently selected to keep you focused for up to 200 minutes.
  4. Many of our channels use our unique musical Brainwave Entrainment that is built into the tracks created by our music and Science team. Our Entrainment is more comfortable than others and the benefits on improved focus are documented.
  5. All of the music featured on Focus@Will is exclusive to our service and cannot be heard on any other platform. Many of our tracks are produced in-house, and all of the tracks go through a rigorous editing and mastering process to ensure they are optimally set for minimal distraction and maximum focus.