BlogWhich musical genre is best for you?

Which musical genre is best for you?

December 24, 2012

Now we have many thousands of users on the system we’re beginning to get meaningful feedback about which genres are most effective. And the single most important factor to consider when choosing a genre is what kind of music you usually listen to for fun and entertainment when you are not trying to be productive. And then, counter-intuitively, it’s best to select the very opposite kind of music when using focus@will. Why? Because your brain gets pleasure, releasing dopamine when it hears music you like and listen to a lot, and music that is associated with good times or strong memories of any kind will reduce the focus enhancing effects when used as a productivity tool. So if you never listen to classical music, try it for this, and the opposite is true, if you always listen to jazz, then try the ambient channel. Please post on our community pages what is working best for you.