BlogSome feedback from patrons about the new ADHD experiemental channel

Some feedback from patrons about the new ADHD experiemental channel

December 10, 2013

Sharing a couple of typical responses from focus@will patrons with ADHD about the new experimental channel. Data in so far shows that about 20% of patrons who tried it have had excellent response to it. And 80% found that it didn’t work at all.

Hard for ME to hear… Peaceful for MY ADHD SON to hear. Truly reflects our different neurology!

“I just called my 9 year old son in to take a listen. I didn’t tell him which ‘channel’ of F@W I was putting on. I simply asked him to let me know which channel made him feel relaxed and soothed (i.e. to sleep) and which he felt was more focusing. His feedback was that the ADHD channel and the spa / nature channel were the most focusing and that the others were more sleep-inducing. I decided to leave the ADHD (set to high) on in the background while I asked him several more unrelated questions about ‘deep subjects’…. and he was WAY engaged and articulate in his answers. I do not have ADHD… listening to this music is very difficult for me. But, it is the perfect example of just how differently we are wired. And that… is very helpful to remember. I’ll have him listen with headphones or in his room….Thumbs up!!”

About the worst experience I could imagine focus-wise

“Tried the ADD beta–maybe I have a special kind of ADD, but that was about the worst experience I could imagine focus-wise. Besides the fact that the music was grating, I found it incredibly distracting at any volume short of mute. I have had consistent success with the classical music set at “high” for energy level. I can regularly work through several 100-minute sessions with only 5 minute breaks between. Pre-focus@will, my attention span for grading (I teach college English) was 20-30 minutes before I felt like I needed a 15-minute break, and that was with the benefit of daily ADHD meds. “