BlogNew experimental “Music Energy” control

New experimental “Music Energy” control

August 06, 2013

We have just released a new experimental feature for our web platform called the Music Energy Control. You can find it under the channel changer drop down on the top right of the app.

It changes the overall amount of perceived “energy” in your music stream by changing various parameters of the playlist sequencers on the server. The default setting is “Medium” intensity. Think of it like a plus/minus gear shift control in your car. You can stay where you are or go to a higher gear or drop to a lower gear.

As you work or study during the day your focus fatigue level increases and it usually becomes more difficult to concentrate, particularly in the later afternoon. When this happens try changing the intensity control – either up or down. This is an experimental feature at this stage because our initial tests showed us that sometimes moving to more intensity and sometimes moving to less intensity helps sustain focus over a longer period. So we don’t yet know what we should recommend, we just know that changing the intensity one way or another seems to help you sustain your attention and continue reducing distractions over a much longer time frame. Let us know what is working for you and we’ll tune up this feature more if it is helping enough people. You will find that the changes to the playlist are subtle, not something you will necessarily notice immediately.

Remember, the focus@will technology is playing a music stream for your subconscious mind, which reacts differently to musical/audio stimuli than your conscious mind, ie the concept of the system is to have the music “zone out” distraction and not to be actively listened to. To access the new functionality on the web simply refresh your browser window. Note this feature is also now available in our latest mobile apps – download the Android mobile app from the Google Play store here and get the iOS app from the iTunes store here.