BlogNew Experimental ADD Beta Test channel

New Experimental ADD Beta Test channel

December 04, 2013

We have added a new experimental channel to the system today. It’s called “ADD Beta Test”. It’s a fast, very high energy, very intense genre of dark hardcore techno. If you suffer from diagnosed ADD, or just really have serious trouble concentrating at work or study, try this out. It’s kinda crazy, and we know won’t work for everyone. We have posted about 2 hours of material initially to see if this works for anyone. The basis of the science hypothesis behind this is that the more ADD you have, the more energy you need in the audio/musical background stimulus to help you concentrate. We’ve found a couple of our in house testers really like it!  Check it out and let us know if this helps you or not. Here’s a fascinating post on the community page from a patron who’s 9 year old son loves this new channel, it really helps him concentrate. It seems to work for a subset of ADHD sufferers, but not for all!