BlogNew commercial release launches Thursday 25th April

New commercial release launches Thursday 25th April

April 22, 2013

The new focus@will commercial service will be available worldwide on the web on Thursday this week. It’s a brand new release with lots of exciting features and functionality. You’ll see a clean simple interface, personalized productivity tools that track how focused you have been over time, and you’ll hear lots of new music. We’ve ingested, analyzed, remixed, re-edited and remastered tens of thousands of new tracks that that will slide you into the perfect “get things done” sweet spot. New users (and current beta testers) will able to use the all access unrestricted service for 3 weeks, after which you will either be able to continue to use the service for free with time restrictions or subscribe for just $3.99 per month. Our Android mobile app will be released next week, and our iOS app will be ready as soon as Apple has approved it.