BlogHow focus@will is helping these two patrons with ADHD (in their own words)

How focus@will is helping these two patrons with ADHD (in their own words)

May 06, 2013

Posted to the community pages over the weekend:

Happy Customer!!

I’m 65 and was diagnosed with ADHD 5 years ago. I never even believed in the disorder until I began reading my own bio in all of the ADHD literature I found. After meds did nothing I decided to return to the bliss of the ignorance I knew prior to the diagnosis. This proved impossible since, as in life, you can’t go back or undo what’s done.
One day I stumbled upon the beta version of Focus. I won’t go so far as to say it was life altering but it was the only thing I have ever experienced that actually helped.
After you become “of an age” it’s hard enough to try to get new info into your gray matter without ADHD but Focus it the best, and for me, only aid to that result that has any value. I recommend it often and wholeheartedly and only wish it was a publicly traded company so I could be more involved. Thanks for what your doing,
Henry Bindbeutel
A happy customer
West Paris, Maine |

Turning off the bouncing thoughts.

As a grown man who just recently found out that I have ADD this page has done wonders for my productivity. My combination of diet, yoga and focus@will during work hours have really helped. Many thanks for a great product. Gus DeLaCruz