BlogHey, why do I keep hearing the same music all the time?

Hey, why do I keep hearing the same music all the time?

December 06, 2013

Because you are signed in as a free Personal user! There are 2 levels of accounts on the focus@will service. Personal (free) and Pro (paid). Free Personal users are limited to 1 hour timed music sessions in each channel (in other words the music repeats after 60 minutes and then you will hear the exact same material again) and have limited access to the personalizing features such as being able to adjust session timer length and use the productivity tracker. Pro Accounts are paid subscriptions and have unlimited access to the entire music library with all personalizing features including customizing timed session lengths, tracking your productivity, tuning the Global Intensity controller to extend your attention span as fatigue sets in, multiple device log in and access to previously played artist information. Go Pro to unlock your focus!