BlogHeadphones or external speakers?

Headphones or external speakers?

January 31, 2013

A question we’ve been asked quite a few times this week is, what’s the best way to use focus@will, headphones or speakers? The answer is it depends on where you are and what feels comfortable to you. If you are in a busy office with many noise distractions, then of course, headphones are a good idea. But we’ve found that the quality and comfort have a direct bearing on how effective they are. At the focus@will music headquarters in LA we have a definite favorite, which are these specific Beats by Dr Dre noise cancelling over the ear headphones, expensive at around 300 bucks, but our music guru John Vitale and his team tell us the comfort, sound quality and the noise reduction is exceptional in this particular model.  So, what about external speakers? If you are say in a home office with no other folk to worry about, then this works well, but again, you need a set up with a reasonable bass sound, because if the audio sounds too thin the focusing effect of the music stream is reduced.