BlogFocus@will iOS app in Apple store approval queue….

Focus@will iOS app in Apple store approval queue….

May 18, 2013

The focus@will iOS app for iPhone and iPad should be available in the iTunes store in the next few days – we’re currently still in the Apple app approval queue. We’ll post here when it’s good to go. It’s an exciting annoucement for us as our iOS app has a completely new custom built audio engine. The sound has a smooth quality with truly seamless transitions between tracks, and the engine has server driven DSP control, meaning we’re able to dynamically change the audio settings based on what is playing and on what. In plain English this means that the way the audio is delivered to you is unique and designed specifically for focus enhancement. (Here’s a quick geek alert for anyone who knows about pro audio – our back room engineers are the same guys that built the DigiDesign ProTools DAE).