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Bugs! No Bugs! More Bugs!

January 18, 2013

We fixed some timing/drop out bugs last week, which was great. And…getting those taken care of showed up some other bugs, particularly with older versions of Safari and Firefox on Macs. If you were affected by the continuous red spinning dot bug, ie you couldn’t log in at all after Monday evening, we apologize and gently remind you this is a beta test! The solution currently is to use Chrome, but we will be pushing a fix to the production system early next week which will allow use of older browsers again. The beta process is a little like those Russian dolls, the ones that fit inside each other – each time we fix something we are able to drill down and get to the next layer. We really like to hear from our patrons, keep in touch via the community pages and let us know what is or is not working for you during the beta test process.