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ADHD Beta channel update

May 07, 2014

We launch new channels in temporary beta initially, with just a couple of hours of material to see how they perform for users outside of our internal lab. Then if we get good feedback and the stats tell us that the channel is getting used enough we’ll take it off line and and put resources into building it out with many days of material before we launch it properly (this is quite a task, as each piece of new recorded music has to be remixed, remastered and ingested into the system by our music team). The ADHD channel has been our special pet project, as several staff members here (including the CEO) actually have ADHD. We have had a fantastic response to it, so we took it off line last week to build it out. But we had hundreds of messages asking us to put it back! So we did. But it only has a few hours of music in it…we’re working fast in the background building this out and will be adding new music to the channel. We’ll do a soft launch and change the name at some point when we have enough music in it to be out of beta. Thanks for all your kind words about the channel. Really!